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Your Local "Merchant of Fun" with over 150 different kinds of lasercut games, puzzles, brainteasers and artifacts for kids and adults, at home, school and even your office.

If you are local to Aurora, Ontario please use code YRLOCAL to drop shipping from ETSY. You may also call Mark at 416-726-4338 to order and get local pickup.

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Mark Kolb (Brainy Games) designs and lasercuts all sorts of games, puzzles and brainteasers for your home, school and office, along with online word games and the Hidden Live Scavenger Hunt.

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Mark is constantly creating new games. Chances are a new game was just created this week or last month.

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SideLinks Word Association Game
This often hilarious word association game is the rebranded version of the top selling "Connections" game made in Aurora.

Visit the SideLinks Website

A-Z Critters Multi-Use Matching Game

UnEarthed - 3D Treasure Hunt Family Board Game

Muskoka Games and Puzzles

Word Sleuths (like Multiplayer Hangman)

Lifesize Violin Puzzle
Pair Four Word Game
Four To Score
Math Tac Toe
Bee First

Brainteasers and Solutions

Mark lasercuts all sorts of brainteasers in the form of word games, math puzzles and visual puzzles. They stimulate the minds of all ages. Schools and companies use them for team building and in fact can be customized with specific word lists.


  • 2-Letter Words Brainteaser
  • 3-Letter Words Brainteaser
  • Mathzzles
  • Secret Decoder Rings
  • Hexanity Words Brainteaser


Educational Games

Mark's Lasercut Educational Games focus on simple interactions.
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Mark has created a special format using hexagonal "worms" to make difficult puzzles, staying away from traditional jigsaw shapes. Mark cuts lasercut puzzles from 1/8-inch wooden hardboard. Puzzles larger than 8x10 are digitally printed first. He can cut puzzles as large as 17x23 inches.

Typical lasercut wood pricing is...
8x10 jigsaw up to 100 pieces $25,
8x10 in a tray with about 50-60 tetris-shaped pieces $30
11x17 jigsaw up to 200 pieces $30
11x17 in a tray $35
11x17 with 250-300 hexagonal worms $40
24x18 jigsaw $80

Lasercut Cardboard puzzles
11x17 jigsaw $25

Tray puzzles are great ice breakers for your coffee table to keep guests busy.

Puzzles in trays are great entertainment for guests. Leave on your coffee table.

Puzzles can have embedded shapes

Lifesize Violin Puzzle
Nativity Puzzle

Puzzles can have unique, angular shapes

Puzzles can have embedded shapes

Skate Puzzles (Many Colours)
Six-foot long Mummy Sarcophagus taken at Cairo Antiquities Museum


Mark has a proprietary process for printing, sealing and lasercutting quality puzzles from wooden hardboard. Puzzles can have regular jigsaw shapes, but more complicated hexagonal worms are our unique puzzle style. Puzzles can have straight edges or can follow the outlines of any object. Pieces shaped as objects, animals and letters can be embedded into puzzles.
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Epic Puzzles

Request a special puzzle to be made from one of these epic images. Although my maximum size is usually about 24x18 with 1,000 hexagonal worm pieces, it is possible to lasercut larger puzzles depending on the image. For example, I have a six-foot mummy sarcophagus puzzle.

Click a summary image to view a selection of images before requesting options by email to
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Round Hex Puzzles

Can't find what you need?
Need more images?

Visit Pixabay to find a free image that you can send to me for your special puzzle.

Math Games

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Lasercut Artifacts

Mark designs and lasercuts all sorts of customizable products from wood, paper and acrylic. You can order them for promotions and client gifts.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A good game for a three year old? Animal Connections, Animalloys, Zoo Tac Toe
  • A game for Scrabble players? Scrabblers, Stackers (3D Scrabble), Word Tac Toe
  • A game for teenagers? SideLinks
  • A game for families? SideLinks, Word Search Race, Word Wide Delivery


Hi Mark
The puzzles arrived Thursday...and I had to message to say how happy I am with this purchase! Great product and great service!! I’m amazed at the quality! Thanks very much for all your help.

More Etsy Reviews

My daughter received the Animalloys and Animal Connections games for from Brainy Games for her 3rd birthday and they are both awesome!
The Animalloys tiles are perfect for use on an easel whiteboard but can also be used on a baking sheet. My daughter really enjoys trying to figure out how to put the animals together but she also thinks it's hilarious to mix up different heads, bodies, and tails and create "new" animals. The animals are also quite interesting and different with realistic looking pictures. She is learning new animals that she hasn’t seen before.

The Animal Connections game is great for children to learn various animal characteristics. With my help, my daughter is learning to make various connections between animals and word descriptors and group animals by similar attributes. I think this game is a great learning tool that will grow will her as she learns to read. The tiles for this game also came in a beautiful wooden box! I am glad we received these games as a gift and highly recommend them!
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