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Your Local "Merchant of Fun" with over 100 different kinds of lasercut games, puzzles, brainteasers and artifacts for kids and adults, at home, school and even your office.
If you are in York Region or the GTA, Contact Mark directly for local orders.

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Mark Kolb (Brainy Games) designs and lasercuts all sorts of games, puzzles and brainteasers for your home, school and office, along with online word games and the Hidden Live Scavenger Hunt.

Mark's Latest Creations

Mark is constantly creating new games. Chances are a new game was just created this week or last month.

Word Sleuths

Lifesize Violin Puzzle

Lasercut Games

Mark's Lasercut Games are for kids and adults of all ages.
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Some of these games are available for personal use as "Print and Play" games at PrintPlay.Games website.

Brainteasers and Solutions

Mark lasercuts all sorts of brainteasers in the form of word games, math puzzles and visual puzzles. They stimulate the minds of all ages. Schools and companies use them for team building and in fact can be customized with specific word lists.


  • 2-Letter Words Brainteaser
  • 3-Letter Words Brainteaser
  • Mathzzles
  • Secret Decoder Rings
  • Hexanity Words Brainteaser


Educational Games

Mark's Lasercut Educational Games focus on simple interactions.
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Mark has created a special format using hexagonal "worms" to make difficult puzzles, staying away from traditional jigsaw shapes.

Puzzles in trays are great entertainment for guests. Leave on your coffee table.

Puzzles can have embedded shapes


Mark has a proprietary process for printing, sealing and lasercutting quality puzzles from wooden hardboard. Puzzles can have regular jigsaw shapes, but more complicated hexagonal worms are our unique puzzle style. Puzzles can have straight edges or can follow the outlines of any object. Pieces shaped as objects, animals and letters can be embedded into puzzles.
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Puzzles can have unique, angular shapes

Puzzles can have embedded shapes

Math Games

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Lasercut Artifacts

Mark designs and lasercuts all sorts of customizable products from wood, paper and acrylic. You can order them for promotions and client gifts.
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