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Alpha Babble [video] Three fast-paced categorical word games
Alphabet Air [video] Travel North America
to pick up 26 A-Z luggage tags
Balancing Bananas [video] Dexterity
Bee First [video] Math and word games in a hive
Bet Your Word [video] Poker-like word game
Bookworms [video] Word game in an underground setting for kids
Commonality [video] [video2] Family/Party card game of matching common stuff
Condowinium [video] Tetris meets Jenga meets dice
in this towering dexterity game
Cover Your Asps [video] Egyptian-themed treasure hunt
Route-building game
Critter Connections [video] Connect animals with their attributes
Diceberg Alley [video] Collect dicecubes in a frozen ocean
Route-building game
Door to Door [video] Dynamic route-building delivery game
Elementals [video] Scrabble-like word game with the elements
Hex-A-Spell [video] Six-sided four-letter words game
Infinite Tetrix [video] Travel-friendly brainteaser for one or two players
Lady Bug Math [video] Math in a garden
Lost Luggage Card Game [video] A travel-friendly word game about reuniting lost luggage
simultaneous game play
Match'n'Stack [video] Pattern matching stacking game
Math Tac Toe [video] Math dice game
MathemaChickens [video] Math game with omnivorous number-eating chickens
One To Three [video] Word connection game for 2-4 letter words
Pair Four [video] Make four letter words
Pair Three [demo video] [video] three-letter words
Word association game
A game about the 400+ three-letter words in the English language
Spelling not required
Pluzzables Destinations [video] Build a puzzle,
play a board game to
collect lost luggage
Pluzzables [video] Build a puzzle, play a board game (with web apps)
15 curated images.
Puzzle Hustle [video] Competitive puzzling: noisy, excitement, simultaneous
Family/Party game
20 curated images.
Puzzlers Quest [video] Assemble the puzzle to decode hidden mysteries
Rock Fall [video] Drop and deflect rocks to make words
Configurable tower.
Roll'n'Call [video] Customizable word game dice
Route Riot [video] Route building brainteaser for one or two players
Word Shifters [video] A shifty word search game
Sky Words [video] A towering word game
Spelling Bees [video] Literary bees, rotating flower tiles
Splatters [video] Fast-paced pattern matching puzzle (party/family)
Wonky Words [video] Scrabble meets Tetris
Word Rise [video] Drop letters, find words
Word Travellers [video] Word game using airport codes
Wordsy Tetrix [video] Cover up hidden words in endless themes via web app
Zoo Tac Toe [video] Animals escape from the zoo