A Magnetic or Dry Erase Crossword Game for One or More Players

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Your Seed Word is: PEWS. Score to Beat is: 41

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If you like crossword puzzles, 26-Across gives you a unique and challenging experience. It's a bit of a mind bender as you compete to place as many A-Z letters as you can. But you can only use each alphabet letter once.

Place as many interlinked (cross) words as you can using just the 26 A-Z tiles to get the highest score possible.

Each player needs their own game board and set of 26 A-Z tiles. Arrange the tiles off the grid. Game play is in rounds. At the start of a round, one player calls out a 4- or 5-letter word as the first "seed" word. The word can only comprise unique letters (since duplicates are not possible), for example GAME but not FUNNY. All players place the seed word anywhere within their grid, left to right or top to bottom (all letters adjacent).

Players have three minutes to play the round. Players form crosswords using just their remaining letters. Players can rearrange letters as needed to maximize their score. All players are playing simultaneously in secret.

At the end of the time period, players score their words and show their boards for all players to validate. Orphaned letters and words must moved off the grid. Only interlinked crosswords are scored by tallying up their point values.

Two Ways to Score:
  1. Add up the point values of each letter (1-10)
  2. Count the number of letters used.

The player with the highest score wins the round and gains one point. If tied, no one wins the round.

Players continue to play additional rounds until someone has won three rounds.

Scan the QRCode to visit our site and pick a random game. You will get a seed word and target score. Arrange your tiles off the grid. Place the seed word anywhere on your grid. Arrange as many of the remaining letters to form crossed words. Score your letters and try to exceed the target score.

Each player writes five 5-letter words in their grid.
Players take turns calling out 3-letter words.
Players erase letters from their grid that match letters in the word called.
The first player to have an empty grid is the winner.

Each player writes 25 alphabet letters A-Z except for Q randomly within their grid.
Players take turns calling out 3-letter words.
Players erase all letters matching letters in the word called out.
The first player to have a straight line of empty spaces is the winner.

A single board can also be played with one opponent.
Two players compete to form and score words as letters are placed.

Clear the board and scatter the letters face up.
Takes turns placing letters onto the board.
The first letter goes anywhere, but subsequent letters must be placed adjacent to an existing letter.
As each word is made, score your points.
When no more letters can be placed, the round ends.
Play five rounds to determine a winner.

With PRAY as the common starter word (seed) above, the first player scores 41 points while the second player nets 39 points.

It's a level playing field with everyone starting with the same word and same set of letters. Whoever is most strategically creative in weaving words will score the highest points.

Your choice:
- laminated board and 26 flexible magnetic A-Z tiles
- laminated cards with dry erase markers
- lasercut wood board and solid wooden letter tiles.

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Want even more fun? Twenty Six to Fix is a game of making 26 words. If you like word games, Twenty Six to Fix is a unique set of 100 solo or cooperative challenges for you and your family. It's also great for killing time while you travel.

The goal of each 26 to Fix challenge is to decode 26 mystery words using only 26 letters A-Z. You can arrange Scrabble or Bananagram tiles or use a pencil and eraser. You'll really need the eraser after placing perhaps the first 15-20 letters. Manipulating the right combination of letters is definitely not easy as you might think.

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