A Three-Letters Word Deduction Game

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The Game

WORDL3S is a three-letter words deduction game for two players.

GOAL: Guess the secret three-letter word of your opponent within 12 attempts using a combined process of deduction and elimination.


• 36 cards, each with six 3-letter words
• six secret word match cards
• pair of dice
• a set of deduction forms.

Read the Latest Rules

Print more Deduction Forms.

Print and Play

Try out the game with this print and play version.
Print the cards and deduction forms.
Suggest you print onto cardstock then cut to suit.


Order your game (soon) from the Brainy Games Etsy site or The Game Crafter.

Other Games

Elimination is a 2- to 4-player game played with the 36 word cards and one die.
1. Shuffle the cards and form a grid of three or four face-up cards.
2. Give each player eight cards.
3. Place the remaining cards face-down in a draw pile.
Goal: Be the first to get rid of all your cards.
Game Play:
Each player must play a card or pick up from the draw pile.

  • Roll the die.
  • Examine the words in your hand and those in play.
  • Pick two words that match the die roll.
  • Place your card on a card in play such that your word is alphabetically higher than the word in play.

If you cannot play a card, draw a new card.
Play until someone has no cards left.

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