Use Tetris-shaped markers to claim words along pathways
and earn points in this dynamic, multi-player word search game.
For two to four players (or solitaire) from ages 8+.

What's in the Box?
Lasercut wooden tiles:
- 112 single letter (A-Z) and dual-letter (bigram) tiles
- 16 Tetris-shaped clear acrylic markers
- 24 pattern and action tiles
- 4 tile holders
- game board with built-in scoring tracks for four players
- 12 coloured acrylic scorers (3 of each color)
- instructions.

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How To Play

Setup: Randomly place 64 letter tiles onto the board. Place the remaining letters facedown in a draw pile. Scatter the acrylic markers within the box. Give each player two random letter tiles and three pattern tiles:

Reset all four scorekeepers to 000, 00, 0. Decide whether acronyms and names are allowed as valid words.
Game Play: Players take turns (60 seconds max) to:
- Optionally swap a single letter tile on the board with one of their own letters or a random letter from the draw pile
- Exchange one or more of their pattern tiles for an available acrylic marker(s) in either the draw pile or directly from the board - if from the board, immediately replace one or more letters under the tile with those from the draw pile
- Attempt to mark and score a word with an acrylic marker(s)
- Swap and/or add tiles to maintain five tiles in any combination

Read the Instructions

We also have a free drag and drop version you can play:
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