Decode the Treasure Map

150 years ago, several treasures were buried in Richmond Hill.
Each recently discovered treasure map includes
a set of mysterious words and symbols.
Your "dig site" is identified by these three mysterious words
using What3Words technology.

To play this word deduction game, you must decode
and map the correct combination of the three words.

Starting with your cache of 150 coins,
buy clues to narrow down the precise location.
Click [Dig] to see if the words map into Richmond Hill.
[Verify] the location and register to qualify to win a prize.

Your hunt begins now ...

You have 150 coins left to pinpoint the treasure's location.
Use your available coins to "buy" clues.

Select one of each of the following three words before "digging"...
Buy clues ...

Zoom the W3W treasure map to see if your words point to Richmond Hill.

This game uses What3Words location technology for mapping.

Should you enjoy this free game, perhaps ...

Thank you for playing.
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