Search Your Town
Decode the real world location of hidden treasures.

The Quests

A Shop Local Quest takes you on a virtual scavenger hunt in your neighborhood. On this daily, interactive adventure, collect artifacts in order to be eligible to win a prize. Follow the clues, take each correct path, score points.

Step into a world of adventure with our virtual scavenger hunt! Delve into your community, following contextual clues to unearth hidden artifacts on a map. But remember, only the right artifacts will earn you the points you need to qualify for our weekly prize. It's an immersive and engaging way to rediscover your surroundings and compete for fantastic rewards. Join the hunt and start your journey today!

Discover the thrill of exploration right in your own backyard with our virtual scavenger hunt! Uncover hidden artifacts as you follow clues through your community, and be sure to gather the correct collection to earn crucial points for a chance at our weekly prize. It's a fun, interactive way to connect with your neighborhood and compete for exciting rewards. Start your adventure today and experience the excitement of our virtual scavenger hunt!

Embark on an exciting adventure through your community with our virtual scavenger hunt! Explore hidden treasures and artifacts as you follow contextual clues on a map, but watch out - only the correct collection of artifacts will earn you the points you need to qualify for our weekly prize. Uncover the history and secrets of your neighborhood while competing for exciting rewards. Join the fun and start your journey today!

Each treasure hunt revolves around your home town and new towns will be added upon demand.

Hunts are actually word association games where you decode mystery words associated with artifacts.

Ready for a challenge? Embark on a thrilling word game adventure where you scour a map for hidden items to add to your virtual shopping bag! Sharpen your detective skills, follow the clues, and dive into the fun today!

Why not involve your local community in the quest? Team up with friends, family, and neighbors to solve the puzzles together and make the word game even more exciting and interactive! Unite your community in a shared adventure of fun and discovery!

Engage your fellow community members in a collective quest by organizing a local online word game event. Join forces, share clues, and work together to unravel the mysteries hidden on the map. Strengthen bonds, foster teamwork, and experience the thrill of discovery with your community by your side!

Your goal is to fill your shopping bag with ? secret artifacts.
These artifacts are found all over the community.
You will visit locations identified by three words.
Win a quest and get recorded on the leaderboard.

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