A tabletop word search game where you find words among adjacent letters.

Quadzzles is a word search game in a box. With 30 cards, each with four letters or bigrams per card. Line them up, spot your words. Write them down.

How To Play


Two versions:

Both versions can be played solitaire.

If you are local to Aurora, Ontario you can order the lasercut game directly from Brainy Games. Otherwise you may order online via Etsy.


Both the lasercut and card versions come in a travel-friendly boxes ideal for playing on airplane trays. 30 cards, each with four letters and/or bigrams.

Ready To Play?

GAME MODES • Secret • Progressive FINDING WORDS Players look for words and write them down in secret. Words of three or more letters are made up of one letter or fragment per adjacent card. Each letter must be from an adjacent card and you cannot skip a card. Words can be found backwards and forwards in a straight line or optionally around corners. Optionally, you can decide to use any adjacent letter. Secret Mode: Arrange random cards in any layout. Each player examines the cards and writes down their own set of discovered words in secret. After a few minutes, everyone reveals their words. The winner has the highest score from the most unique words. Progressive Mode: Arrange eight random cards in a straight line. Starting with three-letter words, two players take turns finding progressively higher-scoring words. Each successive word must be either alphabetically higher or one letter longer. For example, SAP, SUN, ARTS, FARM, DOORS. Play continues until no more words can be found. Play cooperatively or competitively in which case “last man standing” wins.