A tabletop word game where you make family-friendly four-letter words.

Link pairs of bigrams (two-letter fragments) into four-letter words.The game comes in two formats: lasercut wooden game via Etsy and a card game via The GameCrafter.

How To Play


Two versions:

Both versions can be played solitaire.

If you are local to Aurora, Ontario you can order the lasercut game directly from Brainy Games. Otherwise you may order online via Etsy.


Both the lasercut and card versions come in a travel-friendly boxes ideal for playing on airplane trays.

Ready To Play?

Setup: Place the cards face down in a draw pile between the players. Place one card face up as the starter card. Give each player three cards to hold in secret.
Game Play: In turn, each player attempts to link one of their bigrams with one in play to form a four-letter word. Score the word by adding the two bigram's points. For example, GA + ME makes GAME for a total of 5 points. Always maintain three cards.
End of Game: Play until someone exceeds a predetermined target score, eg 250 points.