Grab a Quick Word

Grab a Quick Word is a face-paced card game where you must spot words faster than your opponents.

Be the first to spot, unscramble and meld letter fragments into words before your opponent(s). Accumulate the cards won to eventually get the highest score to win.

The game includes a lasercut game board and 170 letter fragment cards, comprising single letters and 2- and 3-letter fragments (bigraphs, trigraphs).

How To Play

Ready To Play?

Players take turns moving one of the top four cards down to the lower level. Players start unscrambling letters in their minds into possible words. The player who moved the card gets first crack at calling out a word within five seconds. Once called, any other player has five seconds to call out a higher-valued word. The player with the highest-valued word grabs its letters, keeping them until the end of the game for scoring. Empty space(s) are immediately filled from the top cards.

Solitaire game play is similar with the goal of minimizing the number of letters remaining at the end of the game.

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