A town-centric delivery game that can also be customized for your home town!
Today is curbside pickup day and your fellow neighbours are eager to share unwanted items. As a town resident, you get to pick up and deliver random gifts to secret locations around the town while delaying your neighbour’s deliveries. Watch out for “porch pirates”.

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A HomeTown-Centric Board Game

Your town's residents are happy to exchange gifts and have curbside pickup. Fill your truck with secret items and deliver them to secret locations across town.
Your opponents will try to delay your truck with road blocks and red lights.
Watch out for the porch pirates.

Town-centric games are currently available for:
Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Markham, Muskoka, Northern York Region (Bradford, Keswick, Holland Landing, Sharon), Ottawa, King Township, Waterdown, Vaughan.
Ask about getting one for your town!

Online Community Interactions
Families can anonymously interact with other families.
"Take a Chance" with local trivia Q&A with community tiles.
Integrated local deals from town merchants.

Own a Local Business?
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CityWide Secret Delivery

CityWide Delivery is a hometown-centric delivery game for up to six players with a pizza delivery add-on.

Players pick up items by category like furniture, food, heavy. For each truck delivery, they get a secret location. Move by rolling dice. Opponents try to delay each other. Delivery one or more items to collect points.

With the Pizza Delivery Add-on, CityWide's pizzas are so fresh, you have to collect your own ingredients before baking and delivery!

How to Play

Basic Game Play:

  • Pick up secret item cards
  • Roll two dice to move
  • Fill your truck with one or more items
  • Use action cards (a bit of math required)
  • Navigate to your secret delivery location (avoiding obstacles)
  • Deliver items
  • Collect a reward.

With the Pizza Delivery Add-on:
Players take turns:
  • Obtaining their pizza order
  • Obtaining ingredients
  • Baking the pizza
  • Navigating to the delivery location (avoiding obstacles)
  • Delivering the pizza
  • Getting back to Central Pizza.

Pizza players track their progress with pizza slices on pizza paddles and can thwart their opponents with action cards.

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The board, tiles, cards and all components are precision lasercut and assembled by hand. Some assembly required.

    Lasercut Components
  • Wooden game board in a pizza box
  • 70 magnetic gifts (items)
  • 70 mystery point tokens
  • 16 action cards
  • 26 item category cards
  • 6 cute delivery trucks
  • 55 secret delivery locations
  • 3 road blocks
  • 3 red lights
  • disabled truck marker
  • pair of dice.

Order via Etsy

Optionally, please send an email to for local Aurora-area pickup or delivery.


The Citywide Delivery game can be customized for your hometown. Customization starts with a stylized map highlighting your town and includes trivia as part of community actions. Add a box with your town's name and the game is ready. Contact us (below) for guidelines and mininum order quantities.

Engage Your Community

Your community consists of residents, merchants and a municipal government. Bring them all together through this tactile game and its hybrid online component. By including online actions, merchants and sponsors like your Chamber of Commerce can engage with players on demand. Actions permit deals to be displayed as part of the game play.