A Solo Word Game

Temporarily illiterate, 25 Alpha Bats are lost inside a vast cave. They share the cave with "litter bugs", who deposit "alphabits" of letters on the cave floor.

The bats have learned not to eat the litter bugs because their alphabits make them smarter. It's a very beneficial, symbiotic relationship.

You see, each bat carries a unique letter on its back that when combined with alphabits forms an escape word. By forming 25 escape words, the enlightened bats become so smart they can find their way out at night.

All of the bats must work together to find and eat the right combination of letters to form the perfect set of 25 escape words that will facilitate their exit from the cave.

AlphaBats is a solo game where you must precisely combine letters to form 25 3-, 4- and 5-letter words.

PnP Version: One sheet of paper comprising a bat cave with random groupings of letters. Cut out the A-Z bats and tape or glue onto small tokens like dimes. Two ways to play: with scrambled (harder) or unscrambled (easier) letters.

Tactile Version: After the contest, a tactile version will comprise 25 lasercut wooden bats and 20 initial bat cave forms.

Choose Your Cave Complexity

Low-Ink (No Cave B/G)
Black & White
Scramble Alpha Bits (Harder Game)
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Rule Book

Sample Bat Caves (20 each) to Print
Full Colour   Black & White (Low Ink)