A WORDLE-like Word Deduction Game

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The Game

WQRDLES is a word deduction game for two to five players.

GOAL: Guess the secret five-letter word of your opponents within six attempts using a combined process of deduction and elimination.


• Magnetic dry erase decoding boards
• Magnetic covers (to hide secret words)
• Dry erase markers
• 12 query cards, each with 12 curated words
• 30 two-sided marking rings (green and yellow)
• 2 dice.

(A deluxe version uses transparent coloured acrylic tiles as markers.)

Read the Latest Rules

Print more Decoding Forms.

Print and Play

Try before you buy the game with this limited print and play version.

Print the cards and deduction forms.

Paperback Wordle Two-player dry erase game.

The actual game will use dry erase boards.


Order your game (soon) from the Brainy Games Etsy site.

Two-Player 3-Letter Words Version

Wordl3s Site.